Thursday, May 21, 2009

numero uno!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having an awesome week! This is the first post (obviously) of many to come in this blog. We decided to keep everyone in the loop about everything from band news to new songs to how my child book writing career is going (very slowly in case you were wondering. Although i think my first book title is a winner: If You Give A Badger A Bracelet. It should be out as soon as someone gives me some money to write it!) So, here are a few things that have been going on with us!

#1 We're on iTunes! and Amazon and Digstation and quite a few more! So go on and pick up your copy for $6 and leave us a review! We'd definitely any appreciate any thoughts ya'll have! (The iTunes link is on the right side of this screen.)

#2 We have a new blog up! and your reading it.........

#3 New myspace is on it's way! in case any of you we're wondering.

Anyways, thats about it for right now. I'm gonna leave you with this weeks original and completely on the spot haiku:

badgers seem to mock
my lack of creative talk
the space man is Spock